Joyce Wells
Head of Finance

Joyce joined Meeting the Challenge after over 20 years in accounting and business operations roles. She uses her previous experience in payroll, billing, and grant funding as the head of finance for both Meeting the Challenge and the Rocky Mountain ADA Center.

Philip Williams

Accessibility Expert

Philip provides his ADA accessibility expertise to architectural plan reviews, facility surveys, field data collection supervision, data analysis, data reporting, and quality control, for a variety of MTC consulting projects. His specialty, however, is the enjoyment of assisting various entities, in understanding their responsibilities as required by the ADA, and providing information and technical assistance to the clients  of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center.

Glenn Staton

Accessibility Expert

Glenn provides his ADA accessibility expertise to outdoor and recreation accessibility, which includes National Parks, the U.S. Forest Service, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as city parks and playgrounds. He has been with MTC since 2011 performing comprehensive accessibility assessments, developing implementation plans, providing resource sensitive accessibility recommendations, and helping modify, reorganize, and redesign park programs and facilities, to meet ADA, ABA, and Section 504 accessibility standards.

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Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans
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Public Right-of-way Assessments
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Facility Surveys
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Park and Recreation Assessments
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Architectural Plan Reviews
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Outdoor Developed Area Assessments
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Website Accessibility Reviews
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Multi-housing Surveys

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