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Meeting the Challenge (MTC) is a company grounded in all federal disability laws. At the most basic level, it is important to our clients that they are in compliance with these laws to minimize their exposure to legal proceedings, which could result from noncompliance. However, we believe accessibility should be about more than compliance. We believe the investment our clients make in compliance should have a measurable return. This return can come in many forms, and MTC’s experience across 24 years of disability law consulting has shown us innovative ways to help our clients realize that return.

Accessibility Consulting Services
MTC provides comprehensive consulting services, involving data collection, analysis, and report generation, which assist organizations in complying with applicable federal disability laws.

Architectural Plan Review
MTC works with client design teams, by advising on accessibility and code compliance, during all phases of the project, from initial design drawings to construction inspections and punch lists. MTC will tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our client.

Facility Survey Services
MTC has vast experience conducting on-site facility audits, and when required, can assist organizations with the development of their transition plans. MTC has developed proprietary software, allowing us to efficiently assess facilities for accessibility compliance. MTC’s data collection and data management applications are ideally designed for these types of projects. Our on-site Review Teams use computer tablets to collect field data in a rigorous and organized manner. The collected data is then analyzed using our data analysis software and presented to the client in a format allowing them to search, sort, and filter the identified barriers requiring mitigation. This reporting mechanism helps our clients organize their mitigation process and can be used as a compliance management plan for barrier removal.

Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans Link
Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans
Public Right-of-way Assessments Link
Public Right-of-way Assessments
Facility Surveys Link
Facility Surveys
Park and Recreation Assessments Link
Park and Recreation Assessments
Architectural Plan Reviews Link
Architectural Plan Reviews
Outdoor Developed Area Assessments Link
Outdoor Developed Area Assessments
Website Accessibility Reviews Link
Website Accessibility Reviews
Multi-housing Surveys Link
Multi-housing Surveys

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