Parks & Recreation Assessments

Parks and Recreation Assessments

MTC helps park and recreation organizations make their programs and facilities accessible for people with disabilities.

While the ADA has always required recreation facilities and programs to be accessible, there were no clear standards of accessibility until 2010 and no enforcement until 2012. Today, there are no exceptions. Park and recreation organizations must have accessible facilities and programs, or a plan to reach ADA compliance.

Contact the MTC experts to help develop a plan for complying with ADA requirements.

Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans Link
Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans
Public Right-of-way Assessments Link
Public Right-of-way Assessments
Facility Surveys Link
Facility Surveys
Park and Recreation Assessments Link
Park and Recreation Assessments
Architectural Plan Reviews Link
Architectural Plan Reviews
Outdoor Developed Area Assessments Link
Outdoor Developed Area Assessments
Website Accessibility Reviews Link
Website Accessibility Reviews
Multi-housing Surveys Link
Multi-housing Surveys

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