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We Are ADA Compliance Consultants

Meeting the Challenge Inc. (MTC) is an accessibility compliance consulting firm that serves individuals and organizations with rights and responsibilities for compliance under federal disability rights laws. Meeting The Challenge has the broad-based knowledge, resources, and affiliate network to provide clients with solutions to solve their disability law compliance challenges and increase access for people with disabilities.

We Identify Accessibility Issues

Meeting the Challenge takes the guesswork out of everything involved with disability rights law and ADA compliance. Our highly-trained staff comes to your location fully equipped to help you understand exactly what must happen for a facility or program to become compliant with disability rights laws. We know the details of the laws, and often find ways for clients to take advantage of tax breaks to defray the cost of enhancing accessibility. Since 1989, the  MTC staff has worked with diverse clients ranging from small businesses to some of the largest cities and counties in the country, always providing the same superior knowledge and solutions to move clients from questions to compliance.


We Help You Avoid Costly Accessibility Lawsuits

Disability rights laws affect everyone in some way- but exactly how can be a question for many groups. With the looming threat of drive-by lawsuits, there exists a need for businesses to find a one-stop expert that knows everything about disability rights laws, including physical accessibility, transition plans, facility surveys, architectural plan reviews, and much more. If a business is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or other disability rights laws, they are open to extremely costly lawsuits. These groups need accessibility consulting  immediately, and cannot afford to gamble with potentially being sued for non-compliance. But understanding exactly what needs to happen, without wasting more time or resources, can be confusing and exhausting. Enter Meeting the Challenge.

Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans Link
Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans
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Public Right-of-way Assessments
Facility Surveys Link
Facility Surveys
Park and Recreation Assessments Link
Park and Recreation Assessments
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Architectural Plan Reviews
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Outdoor Developed Area Assessments
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Website Accessibility Reviews
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Multi-housing Surveys

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